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Commercial Painting Services

Commercial PaintingCanTex Painting Ltd. has over two decades of experience in the commercial industry. We know the importance of maintaining a tight schedule by operating efficiently, working together, and being available 7 days a week/24 hours a day. We are known around town for our reliability and have an established reputation that gets the job done right the first time.

Our vast experience will take care of your commercial project; including:

The aesthetics of your building inside and out is the first detail noticed by your customers and employees. A fresh feeling inside your building creates a strong working environment and positive workplace setting. Whether you are looking to repair that flaking paint job over the years or spice up the atmosphere with a change in colour, CanTex Painting is here to help transform your business.

When we are given notice of a job we make sure we are ready to start the project on time. We maintain a clean and organized working environment as we are often on-site for the majority of the project. Once all trades have completed their tasks we perform our final walkthrough and make sure all touch-ups are made and we sign off on the project together. To accommodate your business we are flexible in working nights and or weekends to help maintain your operations during the construction phase and minimize the distraction and discomfort to your employees.

Safety and Insurance

We are fully insured and WCB certified in order to maintain the highest level of safety during your commercial painting project. Where required, our employees are provided and use the proper safety equipment to eliminate any chance of a workplace incident.